Coaching Office

We wanted to reach more students than we were presently doing with the 1:1 (one-on-one) coaching approach. We also wanted to find a cost-effective way to do so, and use fewer trained coaches who would see a multiple number of teens.

With these goals in mind, we created and implemented a Just-in-Time Coaching Office. Teens could either drop in and/or make an appointment to see a coach (not always the same coach) in an office set up in the school library.

Amphi students filling out TPC surveys during lunch
Amphi students stopping by TPC’s information table at lunch

The self-selection process in the classroom was similar to the one used for the 1:1 (one-on-one) coaching. We also added an information table decorated with balloons and fun signage, and put out cookies during lunch hours. Volunteers greeted teens who came by and answered their questions. The teens were given a fun form to fill out which measured their interest. (see form below)

Using follow-up interviews and permission forms signed by their parent or guardian (same as the 1:1 program), teens could come into the library and make their appointments that would last 20-minutes. Volunteer Coaches were trained to do 20-minute just-in-time “laser coaching” sessions.

We saw positive results such as these:

  • Students got “unstuck” and could identify fresh choices with “new eyes.”
  • They were able to put their focus back on their studies.
  • Some came back to “laser coaching” with the same or different coach.
  • Other continued on to the 1:1 coaching.

One of our teens said:

I like how they helped me think about multiple solutions I didn’t know I had in a short amount of time.

The Coaching Office is for students who:

  • Have pressing issues and want to talk to a coach quickly.
  • Have a need that can be addressed in a few coaching sessions.
  • Want to try coaching before being assigned a personal coach.

Another teen from the Coaching Office shared this:

I found out there are people out there I can trust, don’t judge me, and are good listeners.

Lunch table survey

Demonstration of Laser Coaching with Coach and Teen
Coach Manager and Teen demonstrating Laser Coaching to Volunteer Coaches

Coaching office info sheet – 2010

Coaching office procedures

Powerful questions

Mandatory reporting for Coaching Office

Coaching office flier/advertisement

Endorsement letter – 2010

Parent info on coaching office – 2010

Counseling bullets

Teen assessment for moving from CO to 1:1 coaching

Coaching Teens… Building Futures

Students Say…

“Before coaching I was getting C's and D's. Now I am getting A's and B's on my report card.”
“It was good. My coach helped me a lot with organizing my life.”
“Because of coaching, my life is better because I can actually meet my goals and reach for my future goals.   I'm stronger and more positive since having a coach.”
“Before my coaching I had no idea of what to do after high school; now I have ideas on how to reach goals I didn’t know I had.”
“Since I started working with a coach I'm way more confident and I don't care if people judge me.”
“I learned that I can be independent and don’t have to rely on others, but can get support when I feel I need it.”
“When asked what makes an ideal coach, she responded: "Somebody who listens to my opinions and helps me get more ideas about what I want.”
“Our relationship was more about a friendship. I have told him secrets - things about myself I have not told anyone else.”
“My coach and I worked on a graph so I could organize my time better. I was getting C’s and D’s on my progress report, now I am getting A’s and B’s on my report card.”
“I know now that when I have a problem there are different ways to solve it other than violence.”
“I used to think of myself as lazy and a failure. Since I've had a coach, my perspective is different and now I can see myself being successful.”
“I connected with my coach. I wasn’t afraid to tell her personal stuff. I could trust her because I wasn’t being judged.”
“I had someone who just listened. When I had a question there was a combination of getting ideas from him, and figuring out myself.”
“At first we just talked, it felt good to talk to someone and really trust them.”
“Coaching has given me the strength to show the world what I've got and what I can do. I have learned to not limit my challenges but challenge my limits.”
“My coach didn’t judge me and tell me I was throwing away my life.”
“It felt good to have an adult in my life that I could trust and didn’t judge me.”
“I had somebody who would help me set up steps to reach my goals. It wasn't complicated, she made it simple. It was positive, and I had the ability to identify those steps.”
“Coaching was a moment where I could just talk about what I want.”
“Talking with someone helped me to understand what was right and wrong.”
“Before my coaching I had no ideas of what to do after high school. Now I have ideas on how to reach my goals.”